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If you find that your machine isn't sewing quite right, here are a few things to check that could save you time and money. Just remember TNT, or Thread, Needle and Tension. Is the machine threaded correctly? Rethread it just to make sure with the presser foot in the up position (this releases the upper thread tension disks allowing the thread to pass between them). Are you using a good thread? It/s not one of those spools that your grandmother gave you is it? Thread gets brittle with age, and that could be the cause of a thread breakage problem, so try a new thread just to make sure. Have you changed your needle lately? Even if you have, change it again just to make sure. Bernina says that the #1 component of getting a good stitch (besides using a Bernina machine) is the needle, so make sure it isn’t dull or bent, and for heaven's sake don't ever try to re-sharpen and reuse an old needle. Lastly, make sure you tension is adjusted correctly. There should be some resistance on the bobbin thread and on the top thread when the presser foot is down. If not, you may need to bring it in for us to adjust to the right amount of resistance. Happy Sewing!





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