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Quilt & Sew Box to Go

Registrations are now OPEN for our BRAND NEW Pine Needles Quilt & Sew Box To Go!

We've listened to your feedback all year, and we've made it EVEN BETTER for year 2!

Pine Needles Quilt & Sew Box to Go


It's a subscription box like no other! Fun, fabulous quilting and sewing goodies delivered each month right to your doorstep - and we've made it EASY! No commitment, pay-as-you-go, and so affordable you won't believe it.

Each monthly box will be a surprise, but can include things like fabric, fun surprise notions, a block pattern, and some will even have special instructions with a video lesson to help you expand your skills. (Psst...would you like to see what was in last month's box?)

And you KNOW that we’re all about the FUN, so there will (of course!) be extra goodies for you popped in the box each month!

Each Quilt & Sew Box To Go will be shipped directly to you. (If you're local and just CAN'T WAIT, you can pick up your monthly box in the shop starting the 25th of each month!) 




Here's How it Works

So you see, we have this huuuuuge shop full of amazing fabrics, notions, and goodies...

But so many of you live far, far away from Rochester, Minnesota and can't visit with us. And those of you who ARE lucky enough to live here in the Rochester area, well, we know how wonderful you are and how much you deserve some fun every month!


Each month, we'll pull together goodies that you'll love - whether you're a new quilter or have been quilting for a lifetime (trust us, we see all the new stuff first, and we have REALLY good taste). We'll pack it up and mail it to you after the 25th, you'll receive it, you'll jump for joy, and the whole thing will repeat again the next month. Each box will have products valued together worth at least $35 (psssst...that means the shipping's on us). 


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Terms, Conditions, and Nitty Gritty Details

We wanted the whole thing to be FUN, so we've designed this subscription box to be easy peasy and totally worth it.

1. Use the Paypal button below to sign up for your subscription. Paypal will charge $35 (or $37.40 including sales tax if you're here in Minnesota) for your first box, and then $35 or $37.40 each month on the same date until you cancel. (For example, if you sign up on the 10th, it will charge you on the 10th of every month.)

2. Monthly boxes will ship after the 20th of the month. If you sign up BEFORE the 20th, your first box will come the same month. If you sign up ON or AFTER the 20th, your first box will come the NEXT month. 

3. Because it's a fun surprise, there are no refunds accepted on boxes. One month's box not your cup of tea? Use the goodies as a gift or to make a gift for someone you love. 

4. This is FUN, but doesn't have to be FOREVER, so you don't need a committment to join.

If you'd like to cancel, you're welcome to do so at any time by calling us in the shop at 507-226-8480 or by logging into your Paypal account and cancelling your subscription agreement directly. Please do NOT email us or message us if you'd like to cancel - we'd hate to have a misdirected email mean you didn't get taken care of quickly. 

When cancelling, make sure you do it before your next box is charged if you don't want to receive it! If you've already paid for a box, you'll receive it and your cancellation will start with the next box. If you cancel before your monthly payment date, you're all good and won't get that month's box. 

5. Any questions? We'd LOVE to help! Email us at or call us at 507-226-8480.